BT TV Box Pro review

We have a tendency to be pessimistic about set-top boxes from all-in-one television and broadband providers. However, BT has always been a force to be reckoned with when it comes to their BT TV set-top boxes, owing to their inclusion of the outstanding time-traveling YouView interface.

The new BT TV Box Pro is a sleek and capable set-top box with an outstanding search function, intelligent recommendation systems, and premium cinematic features such as 4K HDR images and Dolby Atmos sound.

The BT TV Box Pro is a top-notch alternative for BT users wishing to increase their TV viewing options. It’s fast, stable, and features a clean industrial appearance that you won’t have to conceal.

The cost and the availability

The BT TV Box Pro is available through BT as part of a 24-month commitment. A £20 activation charge is required, as is a £9.99 delivery fee. Apart from those costs, there is no upfront cost for the box, as the hardware is subsidised by the monthly fees. They vary according to the scope of the plan selected, starting from £12 for an entry package and rising to £65 for a VIP package that includes access to premium sports and Sky TV.

  • VIP membership – £65 per month
  • £40 per month for Big Sport
  • Monthly fee of £22 for Big Entertainment
  • £15 per month for sport
  • Monthly entertainment fee of £12


The BT TV Box Pro is about as appealing as a set top box gets in terms of design. It’s a simple matte black box with gloss trim and an unobtrusive BT logo on the front that illuminates to indicate the box’s status.
Along with a power input, the box features an aerial in, an aerial out, USB (for firmware updates), Ethernet, an optical sound port, and a 4K HDR enabled HDMI port. Notably, there is no SCART input here, indicating that if you are still using an outdated television set, it is time to upgrade.


The BT TV Box Pro interface is simple to use. It is divided into horizontal windows (Live TV, Highlighted Apps, Recordings and Watch List, BT Player, TV Shows, Films, and Sport), each of which scrolls to display a mix of featured content and live programming. Notably, the BT TV Box Pro works in conjunction with the BT TV mobile apps. These enable you to schedule recordings remotely, watch live television on the go, and access any paid-for films or television purchases while out and about. It does not, however, provide remote access to your live recordings.


The BT TV Box Pro performs admirably overall. It responds to remote control inputs and rapidly retrieves metadata and search results. Switching between apps is lightning fast, and there was no noticeable lag when browsing the box’s numerous channels and viewing options. Numerous visualisations on the box, whether they are film and television trailers and artwork, or the catch-up streams themselves, will be dependant on the quality and speed of your broadband connection, so bear this in mind before signing up for the term.
Is it worth it to get the BT TV Box Pro?

Purchase it if…

You desire an easy-to-use and comprehensive television search engine.

With the BT TV Box Pro, you can access a plethora of TV episodes and films via a single smart search bar – even if the content is spread over numerous individual apps.

You have a large number of television recordings.

With numerous tuners, a huge and fast hard drive, and a well-organized recording and watch list portion, the BT TV Box Pro is ideal for archiving shows for future binges.