GoPro Hero 10 Black review

It is the latest in a long line of GoPro Hero action cameras dating back to 2005 with the Hero 10 Black being the most recent. The new GP2 processor makes it the most refined and powerful GoPro yet, but it’s also only a small boost over the Hero 9 Black.

The GoPro Hero 5 Black was waterproof without the use of a case, while the Hero 7 Black included HyperSmooth stabilisation. Every so often, GoPros make significant advancements. It’s not one of those vehicles, despite its historic moniker. The Hero 9 Silver adds a few new shooting modes and improves usability, but also refines (and fixes) most of the new features we saw on the Black Hero 9.

Hero 10 Black by GoPro: cost and availability

the Hero 10 Black is now available for $399 (£379/AU$599.95), or $499 (£479/AU$749.95) if you subscribe to the GoPro Subscription service. It’ll cost Rs 54,500 in India when it goes on sale there in early November.


  • Lens cover now has a water-repellent coating to make it more durable.
  • It’s much more responsive on the rear touchscreen and menus.

Everything else about the Hero 9 Black is exactly the same.

The GoPro Hero 10 Black is virtually identical to the previous model in terms of build quality. The new model’s elegant blue branding on the front and sides are the only external difference between it and the Hero 9 Black.

However, GoPro has made a few minor adjustments, the most notable of which is a new lens cover for watersports enthusiasts. We put the Hero 10 Black and its predecessor under a tap and found that the new lens cover did a far better job of repelling water, so there were no water droplets to obstruct our view. This is a tough pocket camera that’s waterproof to a depth of 10 metres and feels more refined than the Hero 9 Black.


Hero 9 Black has the same 23.6MP, 1/2.3-inch sensor.
Improved shooting modes thanks to the new GP2 processor.
HyperSmooth stabilisation makes it feasibly to broadcast live.
According to our research, the new image sensor found in the GoPro Hero 9 Black was unveiled in 2017. Because of its greater resolution, it was the first GoPro camera to shoot 5K footage. The sensor was the same size as those in prior models (1/2.3-inch). A new GP2 processor on the Hero 10 Black unlocks some useful new capabilities for the camera, which uses the same image sensor as the Hero 10 White.


Because the battery life hasn’t altered, having extras is still worthwhile.
Built-in microphones are identical to those found on the previous-generation Hero 9 Black.
The addition of new slo-mo options for cut scenes is a welcome change.
There are still several characteristics of the Hero 10 Black’s performance that are typical of GoPro, even with the GP2 processor.

One of these concerns battery life and overheating, which is a sad reality. As with the Hero 9, the battery in the 10 Black is larger (1,720mAh) than that in prior GoPro models. However, the Hero 10 Black’s twin screens and high frame rate mode use a significant amount of battery life.

Is the GoPro Hero 10 Black worth it?

If you’re interested, go ahead and purchase it.

You’re looking for the most refined and flexible GoPro yet.
GoPro’s Hero 10 Black isn’t a game changer, but it is an improvement over the previous model. New video frame rates make it a perfect social media workhorse, while the touchscreen and overall usability have been much enhanced.

Don’t buy it

Don’t purchase it,If…You’re after a video with a high production value.
Aside from being able to capture some great footage using certain settings (such as “High” bit-rate mode, minimal sharpening and the “Natural” colour profile), the Hero 10 Black produces images that have the wide-angle look and lack of beautiful bokeh. A tiny APS-C or full-frame camera will give your photos a more cinematic feel.