How to Pin Almost Anything to the Windows 11 Taskbar


We spend most time on our PC on a daily basis, surfing sites, interacting on social media, working, and utilizing applications. As such, having the choice besides up our most-used programs in an exceedingly single click could also be a handy and time-saving luxury.

Windows has always allowed you pin programs to the taskbar for straightforward access, and Windows 11 isn’t any different. However, Windows 11 also allows you pin files, folders, drives, and even websites to the taskbar too. So, how does one pin items to the Windows 11 taskbar?

How to Pin an Open App to the Windows 11 Taskbar

By default, the Windows 11 taskbar comes with the beginning menu, Task View, Widgets, Chat, File Explorer, Microsoft Edge, and therefore the Microsoft Store pinned to that. However, you will add additional applications to that, including those you now have open without delay.

Whenever you launch an app, its icon appears au courant the taskbar. From here, you’ll pin the program to the taskbar by completing the following:

Right-click or touch and hold on to the app’s icon on the taskbar.
Click/tap on Pin to taskbar.

If there’s an app from the beginning menu that you just use plentyyou’ll save an extra click by pinning it to the taskbar instead.

Open the beginning menu.
Right-click or touch and hold on to an app’s icon within the Start menu.
Click/tap on Pin to taskbar.

The Windows 11 Start Menu only shows some programs, that the one you would like to pin might not be there. to work out even more apps:

Click/tap on the All applications icon at the highest right.
Right-click or press and hold on to the app you would like within the All Apps list.
Click/tap on More > Pin to taskbar.

Apps could also be simply pinned to the taskbar from the desktop and context menus moreover.

On the desktop or in File Explorer, right-click the program you would like to pin to the taskbar.
Click/tap on Show more choices > Pin to taskbar.
How to Pin a Folder to Windows 11’s Taskbar

You may pin a piece folder, your current project, your music, or your images folder to the taskbar for convenient access. Here’s how:

Right-click or press and hold on to the folder (I have picked the “Screenshots” folder for this example) so click/tap on Show more options > Send to > Desktop (make shortcut) (create shortcut).
Right-click or press and hold on the folder shortcut on your desktop, then click/tap on Properties.
In the Shortcut tab, put the word explorer followed by an areabefore of the Target path, which as you’ll be able to see within the image is “C:UsersNeerajPicturesScreenshots”. Then click/tap on Apply.
Click/tap on the Change icon button.
Under hunt for icons during this file: enter imageres.dll and press Enter like within the picture below. From the folder icons that show, choose a folder icon that you just prefer, then click/tap on OK.
Then, under the folder properties, click/tap on OK.
The icon of the folder’s shortcut on your desktop would have changed to the one you had chosen. Right-click or press and hold on the folder shortcut, then click/tap on Show more options > Pin to taskbar, like within the image below.
Your folder is now pinned to the taskbar. Just open with a click/tap.
Delete the drive shortcut on your desktop.

You won’tice that the taskbar icon of a pinned folder will not display its thumbnail preview once you hover together with your cursor over it. it’ll display on the File Explorer icon.

How to Pin a File to the Windows 11 Taskbar

You may also pin a file you’re engaged on for simple access. The procedures to pin a file to the Windows 11 taskbar are the identical because the ones for pinning a folder as described above.

So follow those procedures to pin your favourite file to the taskbar. Of course, simply replace/read the term “folder” with the word “file”

Once done, you’ll be able to access your pinned file with a click.

Pin Almost Anything to the Taskbar for a Snappy Windows 11 Experience

Windows 11 has some new features worth checking out, and pinning almost anything to the taskbar is but one of these useful tools at your disposal. Windows 11 lets you pin files, folders, apps, drives, and your favorite websites for single-click access, so go ahead and pin your faves to your taskbar for a snappy Windows 11 experience.

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