In 2021, there will be ten major retailers in the United States that accept Apple Pay.

When you set up Apple Pay, it becomes an incredibly useful tool. To pay, simply go to a register, tap your phone, and your purchase is complete.

Unfortunately, the adoption of contactless payments in the United States has been slow. Even in the midst of a global pandemic in which contactless payments are required, many retailers in the United States are still refusing to accept Apple Pay.

This list is for Apple Pay users who want to know which retailers currently accept contactless payments. Here are the best places in the United States to use Apple Pay.

Apple’s Store

Apple Pay is accepted at the creator’s retail locations. If you’re in the market for a new phone, headphones, or a computer, you can pay with Apple Pay at any Apple Store.

How to Use Apple Pay in Stores and Online

If you need your phone or computer repaired, you can use Apple Pay to pay for it.


Target is one of the largest retailers in the United States, and all retail locations accept Apple Pay (as well as other mobile payments).

Hold your device over the payment terminal once it is ready to accept payment to pay with Apple Pay. When you do this, double-tap your iPhone’s Side button (or the Home button if your iPhone has one), and the Apple Pay logo will appear, and the payment will begin to process. You do the same thing if you use self-service checkout.


Mobile payments are accepted at all Costco warehouse locations in the United States. If you’re a Costco member, paying with Apple Pay makes it easier than ever to check out.

The Costco gas station, on the other hand, does not currently accept mobile payments.


Aldi accepts contactless payments at the register for those who want to pay for groceries with Apple Pay. Aldi is a fantastic grocery store that is already full of bargains. Apple Pay is known for changing the way we shop for groceries, so it stands to reason that it is accepted at all retail locations.


Walgreens, one of the most popular pharmacies in the United States, accepts Apple Pay at the checkout. Hold your device over the payment terminal after selecting Apple Pay on the terminal, just as you would in any other store. Alternatively, inform the cashier that you want to pay with Apple Pay.

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If you have a Walgreens card, scan it before you pay to gain access to coupons and even use some of your points to lower the price of your purchase.


McDonald’s accepts Apple Pay at select locations, making it simple to grab a quick bite. However, you must pay in-store because using Apple Pay through the drive-through is too difficult.

While not all locations have Apple Pay terminals, you can pay at any location using the McDonald’s app, which connects to your Apple Wallet.


IKEA is always a fun place to shop. What other furniture store, after all, sells meatballs? Checking out has become even easier now that Apple Pay is accepted at all IKEA locations in the United States. IKEA also accepts Apple Pay for in-store or online purchases.

Little Caesars Pizza

Little Caesars is the place to go for a five-dollar hot and ready pizza. Little Caesars previously accepted PayPal as payment, but this is no longer the case. However, it was announced on Twitter that Little Caesars accepts Apple Pay for payment.

While we know Apple Pay is accepted, it’s unclear whether it’s accepted in every retail store or just a subset of them. Check before you go if Apple Pay is your only or preferred method of payment.


Starbucks accepts Apple Pay in a limited number of locations. It is unclear, however, which locations accept it.

You Can Now Buy Someone a Starbucks Coffee Through Microsoft Teams

Starbucks accepts Apple Pay in its app, which can be used at any of its locations. If your preferred location lacks an Apple Pay terminal, consider using the app instead.

Panera Bread

Panera, like Starbucks, accepts Apple Pay at select locations. Apple Pay is also accepted within the app, and you can pay via the app at all locations, making it simple to order breakfast, lunch, or dinner.

Customers with Apple Cards can get double the cash back when they use Apple Pay with their Apple Card as a payment method to purchase Panera.

Apple Pay is becoming more popular.
While Apple Pay is still in its early stages in the United States, many excellent retailers accept it. More retailers will soon accept Apple Pay, thanks to new payment terminals that accept mobile payments. Hopefully, it will become even more widely available in the future.