New Updates Help Windows 11 Make Holiday Shopping Easier Than Ever Before

Holiday shopping can be somewhat stressful, especially if you plan to do everything online. With so many different websites to pick from, it’s easy to become overwhelmed when it comes to finding the perfect present at the appropriate price.

Fortunately, if you’re a Windows 11 user, you can take use of some really outstanding features that will assist you in making the best buying decisions possible.

Microsoft Edge for Windows 11 includes a pricing comparison tool, enhanced online security, and a redesigned Microsoft Rewards programme. Here’s how Windows 11 improves online purchasing.

Utilize Microsoft Edge in Windows 11 to Find the Best Deals

As Windows 11’s default browser, Edge has been redesigned to be exceptionally powerful and to bring users closer to what matters. Microsoft added built-in autofill coupons to Microsoft Edge approximately a year ago, and Windows customers have benefited from significant savings while shopping online. Microsoft is credited with this image.

Along with a price comparison tool, you now get an integrated price tool that notifies you of price changes and provides access to historical price trends. Edge will automatically tell you when the price of a product you previously viewed changes. Additionally, you gain improved access to expert reviews and user ratings. Microsoft is credited with this image.

A Completely New Efficiency Mode

You never know when a price drop will occur during the holiday shopping season, which is why it’s critical to maximise your energy life while on the go using Windows 11 and Edge.

Microsoft Edge’s new efficiency option extends battery life by restricting CPU and RAM consumption. With a more powerful battery, you may browse for hours without fear of your PC dying. When used in conjunction, the price-tracking functions enable you to save money and make the right choice without being overwhelmed.

When buying online, privacy is a fundamental issue, and no one wants their private information to be stolen and used maliciously. While Windows 11’s SmartScreen assists in maintaining online safety, Microsoft Edge takes this a step further.

Microsoft Edge has a password monitor and a password health dashboard that track saved passwords to ensure that none of your credentials have been exposed in a data breach.

If your password is at risk of being hacked, Edge now makes it simple to update it with just a few clicks. Change your password by navigating to Settings > Profiles > Passwords and clicking on Change. Edge will then take you directly to the website’s reset password page, where you can easily change your password.

Additionally, the password health monitor determines the strength of your passwords; a weak password increases the likelihood of it being stolen. It is recommended that you use a strong password and avoid using the same password on various websites.

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Microsoft Reward Program Expands Its Accessibility

Microsoft’s own rewards programme incentivizes consumers to use Microsoft Edge for browsing, gaming, and shopping. You can exchange your points for gift cards, exclusives, and sweepstakes entries, among other things. Additionally, you can make a donation to an eligible charity.

Additionally, what is Microsoft Rewards? What You Need to Know

Joining the Microsoft Rewards programme was previously a bit of a bother, but you can now do so immediately from the Microsoft Edge toolbar.

Simply pinning the Rewards experience from Settings > Appearance enables you to join Microsoft Rewards and manage your points. Alternatively, you may enable the Rewards experience by right-clicking on Microsoft Rewards in the three-dot menu.