Q Acoustics M20 HD wireless music system review

Why buy a soundbar when a pair of attractive bookshelf speakers with an integrated digital amplifier will suffice? British audio business Q Acoustics introduces the M20 HD ‘wireless’ music system, which features increased depth (which always results in a more dynamic sound.

It is far from that, with a speaker connection connecting each unit, as well as a power wire and a plethora of cabled alternatives on the rear of the active speaker. Indeed, the M20 HD’s only wireless feature is its capability for Bluetooth streaming. Despite this, the M20 HD excels at what it does. If you’re as passionate about music as you are about television, the system’s warm digital sound, treble detail, and balanced sound provide an excellent all-around soundstage that works equally well with Nirvana and Netflix.

The cost and the availability

The price is $599 / £399 / AU$900.

Now available

Independent dealers sell this item.

The Q Acoustics M20 HD wireless music system was initially scheduled to be on sale in the UK in August 2021 and in the United States in September 2021. It is available on Q Acoustics’ websites (www.qacoustics.co.uk and www.qacoustics.com) and select independent dealers for $599 / £399 / AU$900.

Conception and installation

  • Curved design with elegance
  • Speaker cable is necessary.
  • The powered speaker can be configured for left or right channel operation.
  • The bundle includes two speakers, one active (with an integrated digital amplifier) and one passive. Both speakers size 279 x 170 x 296mm and weigh 5.5kg for the active speaker and 5.1kg for the passive speaker.


2 × 65W wattage

Sound quality that is enjoyable to listen to on a plug-and-play basis

Bluetooth streaming is impressive.

Bluetooth music streaming is inherently a lossy format. It’s extremely compressed data that, in our opinion, is nearly always better avoided at all costs. Bluetooth streaming on the M20 HD, on the other hand, is rather good.

Thankfully, it supports aptX HD — which does not imply that it automatically generates high-resolution audio. However, it enables the listening of music streamed through Bluetooth from a smartphone.
Is it worth it to get the Q Acoustics M20 HD?

Purchase it if…

You wish to enhance the built-in speakers on your television.

Are you tired of your television’s thin, weedy, and plain dull tweeters? The M20 HD far outperforms the bulk of built-in television audio systems.

You’re looking for some serious sonics for PC gaming or vinyl.

Although the M20 HD appears to be most at home in a living room, most likely flanking a television or paired with a desktop PC, these bookshelf-style speakers will also work well with a record player.
Avoid purchasing it if…

You already own a respectable soundbar.

Although you could argue that the M20 HD’s stereo imaging is worth the money, if you already own one of the top soundbars, it’s unlikely to shake your world. Particularly given that it lacks quasi-surround options, which your soundbar almost certainly has.

You desire a wireless device.

Although the name ‘wireless music system’ implies otherwise, this speaker kit requires extensive connection, including a lengthy speaker cable, a mains cable, and whatever sources you connect it to. The only component that is wireless is the Bluetooth streaming.