Six Tools to Sync Microsoft Outlook With Google Calendar

If you maintain two different calendars, things might occasionally slide between the gaps. What is the best technique to get the flawless Outlook-Google Calendar sync?

We’ve got a few alternatives that you may check out for yourself. Read on for our favorite methods to sync Google Calendar with Outlook.

Why Sync Microsoft Outlook With Google Calendar?

Keeping two different calendars will frequently be a logistical difficulty. Some scenarios make doing so crucial, though:

You work in two occupations that employ any one of the calendars.

The two calendars can have two distinct purposes—perhaps one is a personal calendar, and the other is for business.

You travel a lot and trust Microsoft-Outlook Calendar more than Google Calendar on your desktop (although Google Calendar can operate offline, too) (although Google Calendar can work offline, too).

You’re using Google Calendar for cooperation on a fantastic job and would want to view the same information in Microsoft-Outlook.

Consider that, in your busy life, you would want to view both your calendars and keep them in sync. If you miss the original, outdated Google plug-in, you may use these alternatives to sync Outlook to Google Calendar.

Our criterion for a top pick: tools that sync Outlook Calendar to Google Calendar and keep Microsoft Outlook and Calendar organized. Our goal is to integrate Outlook and Google to enhance our productivity.

  1. Outlook and Google Calendar Sync (Free, Paid) (Free, Paid)

The Calendar Sync settings menu.

Calendar Sync 4.1 allows you to set up one-way synchronization with either Microsoft Outlook or Google as the master. The free version does restrict you to sync appointments and events within the previous thirty days, but it’s still worth trying.

The Pro edition enables you two-way sync Google Calendar with Outlook; you can even utilize custom date ranges. The option to use various calendars and additional profiles are two further perks of subscribing to the service. Both the free and Pro editions are available as portable versions, as well.

Key Features:

  • Choose one calendar to sync.
  • Sync Outlook Categories/Colors to Google Calendar.
  • One-way Outlook to Google Calendar sync includes the removal of duplicate events.
  • Auto-sync, sync on schedule, and sync with preset date ranges.
  • Match Outlook Reminder to a pop-up reminder in Google using sync.
  • Automate the sync in the background for every five minutes or any specified time.
  • Supports Google two-step authentication when enabled.
  • Sync events and label them as Private.
  1. Outlook Google Calendar Sync (Free) (Free)

Outlook Google Calendar Sync.

Outlook Google Calendar Sync 2.9.1 is free and enables two-way Outlook to Google sync; you can download it as an installation or portable software. The sync utility works in all versions of Microsoft Outlook, from 2003 to 2016 64-bit and Microsoft 365.

You can carry all event characteristics from one calendar to the other. Events may be integrated with existing ones into one calendar. Also, get a prompt before the tool deletes a duplicate event.

This calendar sync application is the most excellent choice for the privacy mavens out there. Events may be labelled as private; even the wording in a topic line can be disguised if you have security concerns. You can also make it function behind a web proxy, just in case.

Key Features:

  • Special event characteristics to sync.
  • Configure the frequency for synchronizing calendar changes.
  • Set specific date ranges to encompass all past and future occurrences.
  • Sync the default calendar or pick from the other non-default Outlook calendars.
  • Entire CSV exports of calendars are available.
  • Syncs repeated items appropriately as a series.
  1. G Suite Sync for Microsoft Outlook (Google Apps Users) (Google Apps Users)

The G Suite is a terrific cloud productivity tool if you’re part of a bigger collaborative team. The package includes Gmail, Docs, Drive, and Calendar; the corporate software also provides you compatibility with Microsoft Outlook and extra security features like two-step authentication and SSO.

Previously dubbed Google Apps Sync for Microsoft Outlook, G Suite Sync for Microsoft Outlook is the gangplank connecting both programs. A complete comparison between both calendars is accessible on the G Suite support website.

Key Features:

  • Outlook-Google Calendar sync for multiple calendars.
  • Include events, reminders, descriptions, participants, and places with your Google-Outlook Calendar sync.
  • Sync Google Calendar to Outlook accounts of other people.
  • Free or busy status is maintained consistently across both calendars.
  1. Microsoft Power Automate

Microsoft Power Automate was developed to construct automated processes that integrate two or more web services.

Right now, there are more than 300 connections that you may employ; one of them is a bridge that enables you to sync Outlook with Google Calendar. There are other additional specific connections for Outlook 365 and, as well.

Syncing Google Calendar to Office 365.

The cloud connection that Microsoft Power Automate enables keeps both calendars linked across all platforms at all times, which we adore.

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Smartphone Apps to Sync Outlook With Google Calendar

We have a few that we can suggest.

  1. Use Both Calendar Mobile Apps

Microsoft Outlook and Google Calendar both offer applications for Android and iOS. Installing both applications is a fast and straightforward solution, and with timely alerts and clever scheduling, you may set both calendars for certain activities.

After Microsoft added shared calendar capability to its Outlook client, things became a lot simpler. Now, your contacts may receive access to specific Microsoft Outlook calendars, too.

  1. Use the Default iPhone Calendar

The Calendar app on an iPhone and iPad may show an Outlook and Google Calendar sync. We’ve looked more carefully at how to sync an Outlook calendar with your iPhone previously, but here’s a short refresher:

Go to Settings > Passwords & Accounts > Add Account > Tap the logo.

Follow the same procedure to install Google Calendar; check our guide on adding Google Calendar to iOS for extra guidance.

Log in to both and let the sync carry itself through. Any events added to any calendar will display in your Calendar app.

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Why Sync Outlook With Google Calendar?

There are many conceivable reasons; it may assist you to keep all of your calendars updated without giving you fifteen locations to check every morning, to give one example.

It’s always best to utilize one ecosystem. Why not take advantage of the best of both worlds? You can sync Outlook with Google Calendar automatically by using the methods we discussed here. Now, you’ve got considerably more time for other, more essential things.

How to Sync Your Google Calendar

Your calendar and to-do list are essential for managing your life. Get the rewards of combining a to-do list with Google Calendar.