The 9 Best Features for Samsung Galaxy Phones

Samsung’s Android skin, One UI 4, is the current iteration based on Android 12. One UI, the Korean firm’s Android skin, has made great strides since its Features a simple days, and it is definitely one of the nicest skins available. While Android 12 brings a major design overhaul, Samsung hasn’t thoroughly overhauled One UI 4. Instead, it has taken the greatest parts of the upgrade and improved their functionality by adding its own twists to some of them. Here’s a rundown of all the important new features in Samsung’s One UI 4 for Galaxy phones.

1. Dynamic Theming and New System Animations As part of the One UI 4/Android 12 update, Samsung has updated the system animations. They’re more fluid and regular, and they make better use of the high refresh rate screens on newer Galaxy devices to provide a more fluid user experience. When you charge your device running One UI 4, you’ll notice a new charging animation. In One UI 4, Samsung has also included Material You-based dynamic theming, though with its own twist. This means that system UI components and Samsung apps will utilize a color scheme inspired by the background on your phone. 2.You also have the option of selecting one of four different automatic color schemes. Samsung has updated its widgets to match the new Android 12 layout, which includes rounded corners and a more polished appearance. Some of the widgets now display a little more data, but that’s it—they don’t have any new features. If you’ve previously given up on widgets or never bothered to use them, the new refined style will persuade you to do so. Minor usability changes have also been made to the One UI launcher, which now allows you to use third-party icon packs via the Good Lock module Home Up. App icons on the home screen and in the app drawer now support dark mode as well.

3. Image Gallery in the Quick Settings Panel has been redesigned  In One UI 4, the Settings Menu panel has been revamped once more. The icons have been reduced in size, and the brightness slider has been thickened for easier control. In One UI 4, the notification grouping design has also changed, and it is now a little more compact

. 4. Advancements to the System Apps As part of One UI 4, some of the system apps have been improved and enhanced. For example, the Weather app has been completely redesigned with new animations. Samsung Keyboard has also been improved, allowing you to add emojis, GIFs, and stickers to your messages with a single tap. You may also make your own emojis by animating two different emojis and blending them together. Grammarly now powers the built-in grammar checker, which helps you avoid typos. In One UI 4, the Share menu has been updated to allow you to adjust the order in which the items are displayed. You can also add apps or contacts to the Favorites bar in the Share menu to share info with them easily.

6. Image Gallery of Privacy Enhancement In One UI 4, Samsung has included all of the new Android 12 privacy features. When you first start an app, you’ll be asked if you want to allow notifications from it. Any app you install won’t be able to send you notifications unless you do so. The ability to share your approximate position with apps is another major change in Android 12. You’ll have the choice to share your Precise or Approximate location with an app whenever it asks for it. In the Quick Settings panel, there are additional tiles that will totally deactivate camera and microphone access with only a single press. When an app accesses the camera or microphone, a green alert will appear in the status bar. In One UI 4, you can get an alert whenever an app accesses the clipboard content on your device, comparable to how iOS 15 does