The Best Micro ATX Motherboards on the Market (2021 Reviews)

Do you require a micro ATX motherboard for your computer build? The following is the only buying guide you’ll need to select the best micro ATX motherboard available right now.

In a sense, your motherboard serves as the glue that holds your entire computer system assembly together. So, in addition to purchasing a dependable, high-quality motherboard, it is critical to purchase one that can interface and connect with all of the other components of your computer system as well.

There are many different types of motherboards available in a variety of price ranges and categories, but not every model is compatible with every component. For your convenience, we’ve compiled a list of the best micro ATX motherboards for you to peruse and select from. Please see below for more information. With any luck, this list will make your motherboard-shopping experience as quick and painless as possible!

Attractive and versatile, Micro ATX motherboards are the ideal combination of price and performance. Because micro ATX motherboards are slightly smaller in size than traditional ATX motherboards, you can save a little money on materials without sacrificing too many features or bells and whistles. While micro ATX isn’t for everyone, it’s a great place to start for budget and high-end builders alike, especially if you’re looking for a PC that’s a little smaller in size.

In general, motherboards are divided into two categories: those that are compatible with Intel processors and those that are compatible with AMD processors. In today’s market, there are literally hundreds of options for either one, ranging from cutting-edge, high-end cards to well-loved, slightly-older models.

Whether you’re ready to spend on a brand-new credit card or you’re looking for a more affordable budget option, we have plenty of popular options for you to choose from.

The following are the top micro ATX motherboards available right now.

In terms of performance, the MSI B450M is a heavy hitter that comes in at an attractive price for PC builders. In fact, the entire line of MSI’s Gaming Plus motherboards is comprised of dependable and reasonably priced graphics cards.

Despite the fact that these cards are a step or two behind the cutting edge, they are not out of date, as the TR4 socket outperforms the A4 socket in terms of overclocking potential. However, the B450M Gaming Plus will continue to work with virtually any components you throw at it.

However, while the motherboard itself does not feature any flashy LEDs, it does feature a pleasing red and black design that is a common theme among MSI’s product lines. While this style may not be appropriate for every build, it is not distracting from the inside of the case, especially because most LED components tend to drown it out in any event.

You should be aware that this motherboard has some noticeable space constraints, which are particularly noticeable when using air coolers. Remember to double-check that your CPU cooler will fit with the other components in your system before purchasing.


The MSI MPG Z390M Gaming Edge AC is the company’s response to the demand for a high-quality, well-rounded motherboard that is both visually appealing and affordable. While the Z390M is not a budget card by any means, it is also not an overly expensive one; it falls somewhere in the middle of the top-tier and budget card spectrum.

Having said that, the Z390M does not appear to be a low-cost graphics card. A sleek black and silver colour scheme is used to decorate it, which is illuminated by LEDs throughout the structure. The effect is similar to that of an expensive sports car, but at a significantly lower cost. Additionally, this motherboard is equipped with Wi-Fi as well as two GPU slots for those who enjoy playing video games on a regular basis.

And on top of all of that, this board has the potential to be a serious overclocking machine. Although this small board can get quite hot, it’s important to keep an eye on the temperatures of your computer when overclocking. If you intend to overclock your computer significantly, you should consider purchasing a liquid cooling system to improve both performance and safety.

This card is an excellent example of how a micro ATX card can provide a high level of performance and features despite its smaller form factor and lower price. If you’re looking to save space while not sacrificing functionality, this card should be a strong contender for your consideration.

MSI Pro Series B250 Pro-VDH

The MSI Pro Series B250 Pro-VDH graphics card is a slightly older model, but it still has a number of excellent features to offer. Even though it is a little on the expensive side, it was once the best of the best, and today it is an excellent mid-range board, despite its high price. Although the board itself is dependable, the distribution of features on it is unusually even for a board of this age.

For starters, this motherboard offers a variety of video output options, including HDMI, VGA, and DVI. However, it does not include any DisplayPort functionality on the motherboard. Although it lacks a USB-C port, which is typically found only on newer units, it does have an HDMI port.

Unfortunately, because this board is a little older, it is only available in limited quantities, which has resulted in a price increase as a result. However, if you can find this card on sale or at a discount, it is a dependable and visually appealing board for any casual PC builder to consider purchasing.