The Top 6 Spy Phone Apps

Giving your child a smartphone is a modern-day rite of passage. You may trust them enough to allow them to use their phone exclusively for games and emergency phone calls, but you can’t ensure that they’re always using it for the correct reasons.

Using surveillance applications might help to set your mind at ease. These applications can monitor your child’s smartphone activity and, in some cases, their present location. You’ll never have to worry about your child’s safety on the internet or in the real world if you do it this way.

So, here are the finest spy apps for Android and iPhone that you may use to monitor your child’s activities.

Please keep in mind that the spy phone applications listed below are designed with parental control in mind, and this is the only legal use of these apps.

  1. The MMGuardian

You have complete control over your child’s online access, texts, app use, and contacts with MMGuardian. To begin, download the parent version of the app on your phone, create an account, and then download the child version on your child’s phone.

Once you’ve downloaded both applications, you’ll be able to use all of MMGuardian’s capabilities. It not only has a map that allows you to physically see your child’s whereabouts, but it also includes a tool that allows you to input schedules and follow your child at specified times of the day.


You may also use MMGuardian to ban certain contacts and websites. If you suspect your child is using their phone excessively, you may establish time limitations that will lock your child’s phone at specific periods.

If you’re concerned about who your child is messaging and what they’re saying, MMGuardian can help. Because of this functionality, it’s a highly flexible mobile phone surveillance and parental control tool for both Android and iOS.

MMGuardian for Android | MMGuardian for iOS (Free, in-app purchases available)

  1. Google Family Connect

To safeguard your kid, utilise Google Family Link to keep track of their internet activity as well as their location. You must download the parent version of the app on your phone and the child version of the app on your child’s phone, as with other phone surveillance applications.

After you’ve set everything up, you’ll be able to see your child’s web activities in an easy-to-read chart. It displays each app that your child has lately used, as well as the amount of time spent on the applications.

When your child wishes to download a new app, you’ll get a notification that allows you to accept or reject the download. This makes it easy to convince your youngster to instead utilise educational applications for kids.

You can view your child’s whereabouts on a map when they are out with friends or at school. You may also choose to lock your child’s gadget when you don’t want them to use it.

Google Family Link for Android | iOS is available for download (Free)

  1. Children’s Lox

Kidslox is yet another parental control solution for Android and iPhone that has a plethora of options. For your convenience, it is also accessible for desktop computers.

You can effortlessly lock the applications that you don’t want your child to utilise using this app. You may also limit your children’s screen time and ban problematic websites on their phone.

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As a parent, you can also establish a daily data and device usage restriction for your children, as well as ban applications during their study or sleeping time.

Kidslox provides cross-platform functionality, allowing you to control all of your child’s gadgets. In addition, you may use a fingerprint ID to make the applications on your child’s phone password secured.

Aside from that, Kidslox features a good location tracking function. You can examine your child’s location history for a week and set up notifications for when they are in various areas.

Kidslox for Android | iOS is available for download (Free, in-app purchases available)

  1. Children’s Control

KidsControl is a less intrusive alternative to kid surveillance applications. It operates as a tool to monitor your child’s location rather than as a remote listening app or an app that tracks your child’s internet use.

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When you launch the app, you’ll see a map with your child’s position highlighted. The symbol will display your child’s phone’s battery % as well as whether or not the phone is on vibrate. When your child’s phone’s battery level hits 15%, a notice is delivered to your phone.

By clicking on the infobox, you can get more extensive information on your child’s location history. You may also mark some sites as “hazardous” and receive notifications when your child accesses them. For added convenience, KidsControl allows you to connect the app to your child’s wristwatch.

KidsControl for Android | iOS is available for download (Free, in-app purchases available)

  1. Locate My Children

Find My Kids allows you to view your child’s whereabouts on a map and even listen in on conversations with your child’s teacher, babysitter, or pals. If you try to contact your child but they do not respond, you can set an alert on their phone. This makes it particularly beneficial when your child’s phone is set to vibrate.

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You can also use the app to communicate with your child by using the built-in messaging system and sending SMS and stickers to check in with your youngster.

You can keep track of the apps your child uses during the day to ensure that they do not spend too much time playing games. This Android and iPhone surveillance programme, like the KidsControl app, allows you to see the battery status of your child’s phone.

Enable notifications for when your child arrives at school and when they return home if you want to guarantee that he or she arrives on time. Use Find My Kids to track your child’s location history and ensure they aren’t going to any dodgy areas of town.

Find My Kids for Android | iOS is available for download (Free, in-app purchases available)

Apps that monitor your child’s activities keep him or her safe.

Surveillance of your child may be perceived as a violation of privacy by some, but it is really in their best interests. Audio surveillance applications and GPS trackers are available for your child’s protection; they assist you guarantee your youngster isn’t going to harmful places or being bullied.

You may be preoccupied with your child’s safety without considering your own. You must still safeguard yourself when visiting dangerous locations. Fortunately, these personal safety self-defense applications can keep you and your family secure.