The top six Android Wi-Fi Analyzer Apps

Wi-Fi has become so integrated into daily life that even the smallest interruption to the connection can be extremely inconvenient, but it’s a common issue.

The solution is to analyze your network connections in order to improve connectivity. Wi-Fi analyzers do this for you by collecting data and identifying the issues that are causing weak Wi-Fi signals.

Here are the best Wi-Fi analyzers for Android to help you maintain a stable network connection.

Scanner for Networks

The Network Scanner app displays all of the network connections in your vicinity. It discovers all hosts in your home network or a specified IP range. It also displays who is using your Wi-Fi network with device details, has a port scanner, and can sort hosts in ascending and descending order by IP, MAC, and name.

There are four scanning modes supported by the IP scanner: arp read, ICMP ping, UDP ping, and DNS request. It allows you to manually select the DNS server used for scanning private networks. Ping, traceroute, Wake On Lan, a network information screen, an IP calculator, and a port scanner are among the common network tools included in the app.

Network Scanner (free download) (Free, in-app purchases available)

WiFi Speed Test Analyzer

Speed Test WiFi Analyzer provides detailed information for each nearby network, including signal strength, security, current and supported spectrum usage, current and supported MCS/PHY speeds, supported MIMO configurations, your distance from the AP, and much more.

This analyzer detects networked devices and provides detailed information about them. It provides detailed ping performance statistics as well as an overall and location-based network performance analysis.

You can use the DNS speed analyzer to find the fastest DNS server or the fastest game servers. It also monitors network slowdowns and outages 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Download: WiFi Speed Test Analyzer (Free, in-app purchases available)

Network Analyzer 3

The Network Analyzer assists in identifying various issues with Wi-Fi network setup, internet connectivity, and detecting issues with remote servers. All LAN device addresses, names, and manufacturers are included in the quick Wi-Fi discovery tool.

It includes diagnostic tools such as ping, traceroute, port scanner, DNS lookup, and whois, as well as information about neighbouring Wi-Fi networks. The Wi-Fi signal metre displays network channels and signal strengths in a color-coded, graphical, and textual format.

Download Network Analyzer (Free)

The PingTools Network Utilities app displays all of the devices on your network as well as basic network information.

The app includes approximately 16 basic network tools, including ping, traceroute, Wi-Fi speed test, a port scanner, whois, WIFi scanner, and subnet scanner. The Watcher tool allows for continuous monitoring of remote resources, and the app also provides audible ping outputs that can be heard if there is a problem with the Wi-Fi.

PingTools Network Utilities can be downloaded (Free)

WiFi Analyzer 5

This app is ideal if you want to investigate your nearby Wi-Fi networks by measuring signal strength and identifying congested channels. The open-source app does not require internet connection to function. It provides a graphical representation of channel signal strengths as well as the identification of access points and an estimated distance to them.

You can pause or resume scanning with the app. It also analyses Wi-Fi networks in order to rate different channels. Because the app does not require internet access, the admin information is kept private and secure.

WiFi Analyzer (free download) (Free)

Olgor’s WiFi Analyzer

This app suggests the best channel and location for your network. It provides useful optimization information and aids in the reduction of interference as well as the increase of connection speed and stability.

The app includes a channel analyzer for nearby APs, real-time data, distance calculations, and the ability to view hidden Wi-Fi networks, in addition to the Wi-Fi optimizer for interference issues. You can also connect to open Wi-Fi networks from within the app.

Olgor’s WiFi Analyzer can be downloaded here (Free)

Choose the Best Android Wi-Fi Analyzer App

Wi-Fi analyzers assist you in detecting and troubleshooting issues. It’s a good idea to keep one on hand in case your home network experiences any problems. If your Wi-Fi goes down or runs slower than usual, you can quickly determine whether the problem is on your end or with your internet service provider.

Of course, in some cases, your router will already be operating at peak performance. If this is the case, you should think about upgrading your hardware to something more powerful, such as a mesh network.