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Can Google’s Wear OS regain customer interest with the Pixel Watch? It appears as though we will find out in 2022.

Google has been manufacturing its own smartphones under the Pixel name for years. Although the series has had mixed success and Google has had more failures than hits, Pixel phones have always set the bar for performance and usability for other Android smartphones. Additionally, the business has a smartwatch platform called WearOS, but has yet to create a wearable device of its own.

Google’s ‘Pixel Watch’ May Be Introduced in 2022

The wait may soon be over, as Google is expected to debut its first Pixel smartwatch in 2022. According to a source, Google’s Pixel department is developing a smartwatch codenamed “Rohan.” Notably, the team is not collaborating on this with Fitbit, which Google acquired earlier this year.

The smartwatch’s specifications are unknown, however it will include basic fitness tracking features such as step tracking and a heart rate monitor. The current prototype of the watch requires daily replacement, and charging speeds are also lacking. The final retail product may also suffer from these limitations, which is unsurprising given that practically all smartwatches now on the market only offer a one-day battery life.

As with the Apple Watch, Google’s forthcoming smartwatch may include proprietary bands. Google’s goal is to ensure that the look is comfortable for at least 90% of the people to wear.

Google intends to utilise the wristwatch to provide a benchmark for other Wear OS watches, much like it does with the Pixel range, though it is unclear whether the watch will be marketed under the Pixel name. According to Business Insider, the Pixel Watch would feature a circular display devoid of bezels. This year, the company’s development activities have accelerated, with people outside the team evaluating the software and providing pertinent comments. If the watch’s next round of testing is successful, it might launch in spring of next year, though the specific date is subject to change.

Google Might Have Introduced the Pixel Watch in 2017

This is not the first time rumours of a Pixel Watch have surfaced online. The business originally intended to launch the LG Watch Sport and Watch Style under the Pixel brand in 2017. However, Google’s hardware boss Rick Osterloh scrapped the idea at the last minute because the watches “didn’t appear like they belonged in the Pixel family.”

The announcement by Google of a smartwatch in 2022 may auger well for the Wear OS 3 platform. After years of neglect, the business released the revised version of its wearable OS in May. The OS was built in collaboration with Samsung, combining the greatest features of Tizen and Wear OS. This also explains why Samsung is the only firm to provide a Wear OS 3 smartwatch, while competitors like as Fossil and TicWatch continue to offer Wear OS 2 smartwatches.

The Pixel Watch Has the Potential to Reignite Interest in WearOS

Nonetheless, a Pixel watch from Google would indicate that the firm is committed to long-term support of the platform and does not aim to forsake it like it did previously. Additionally, it would provide a benchmark for other Wear OS watchmakers to emulate and compete with their future models. Apple Watch presently dominates both the sales and experience of smartwatches. A Pixel Watch, with its tight hardware and software integration and emphasis on user experience, has the potential to change that.